November 10, 2013

European Quality Label

Our project received the Etwinning European quality Label

September 30, 2013

France - Quality Label

Hello my friends,
Today we received the Quality Label from etwinning France for our project !

Congratulations again to pupils for their great job !
Best regards

July 06, 2013

Happy holidays from France !

Many thanks to Polish and Romanian pupils and teachers for their commitment to the project !
Enjoy your holidays !

Celebration in Beius, Romania

Dissemination of project results

- Articles on school pages:,
- The site's educational of Bihor,
- Articles on the project blog,
- Brochures and DVDs
- Articles of national / international symposia (October 2013, etc)
- Celebration: pupils, teachers, parents, community (October 2013).

Bye, Bye!

About the project, pupils have the word! (SWOT)

SWOT Analysis  
About the project, pupils have the word!
internal factors
Ø   It was encouraged collaboration between us, when we have learn new lessons and prepared last PowerPoint presentation,
Ø   While completing the worksheets suggested by our teachers in Romania and those in France and Poland, we have new ideas for solving problems,
Ø   We have worked as a team, we used different sources of information (suggested by our teachers),
Ø   We have new friends, we each have two virtual friends (one French and one Polish),
Ø   We liked the self-evaluation sheets, "triangle and their properties",
Ø   In carrying logos at drawing competition on photographic competition when I create greeting cards have been encouraged to develop the capacity of our cognitive imagination, creativity, we investigated,
Ø   We communicate with teammates,
Ø   Mathematical topics were discussed related to the triangle from the point of view of applications in art, music, science, so is an subject interdisciplinary
Ø   We learned to thinking logically and critically, studying the same subject submitted by our teachers Crina B. and teachers: Carole T. (France), Iwona K. (Poland)
internal factors
Ø    Not all our colleges have submitted work on time (sometimes were objective reasons), but towards the end we were all punctual,
Ø    We had little difficulty communicating, but we were helped by our peers and teacher of English,
external Factors
Ø    The project promotes real skills, communication, mathematical, social, civic, digital,
Ø    We had the opportunity to express our opinion by voting, drawing, taking pictures and learning in teams and individually
external Factors
Ø    Some colleagues were not responsible for the subject had to meet deadlines, then sometimes I worked "in gear".
Ø    Some students offer their solutions, and disregard our solutions.
Ø    In determining votes awards have depended on our colleagues who sometimes were extended (for objective reasons) during 2-3 weeks with "great emotion" both for us and for our partners.

            This SWOT analysis, it based on the ideas received from students (individually or in small groups) and teachers involved in the project, because it summarizes the key points:
            • A group problems and advantages based on the four SWOT categories and allowed easier identification of strategies and ways to develop a new integrated project, modern, faster adapted curriculum and its requirements.
            • Permit an evaluation / self constructive and effective activities and strategies applicable to each project.

Following consultation between the teams...
v  T. Andreea, C. Andreea, D. Robert
v  M. Iulia, O. Andrea, P. Darius
v  M. Paula, M. Cristian, P. Claudiu,
v  C. Antonia, L. Fabian, M. George
v  B. Laviniu, B. Luigina, B. Denisa-Elena,
v  P. Cătălin, S. Şerban, T. Marius
v  B. Dragoş, V. Fabiana, B. Luiza, K. Mark
v  R. Cătălina, T.B. Alexandru, J. Valentin
v  S. Timea, T. Valentina, I. Alexandru

... Were made following collective feedback.
1. We liked the presentations colleagues in France and Poland, and our, especially when we were shooting and making film on video.
2. We had friends with whom we virtual corresponded exchange of greetings and messages.
3. We liked Christmas greetings and gifts that we have received and the ones we did and we gave partners.
4. It was very nice: drawing competition that we make votes, diplomas received.
5. We learned a lot of lessons taught by our teachers in the three countries and pamphlets printed by our teacher.
6. It was beautiful and creative: Photo Competition, votes, diplomas, awards.
7. We have received and sent beautiful Easter gifts.
8. We learned a lot when I sought triangle applications in art, music, science presented, then, with the help of ICT, we have accomplished Power Point presentations.